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Say Grace

Nuggets of Grace

Nuggets of Grace

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6oz Bag of Nuggets of Grace, they are Soy Protein Concentrate (SPC) baked into the comforting shape of chicken nuggets! Our most popular item especially for the family!

Our Nuggets are packed with protein, all plant-based meat alternative! All of our SPC products are dehydrated and shelf stable. Great for chickless wings, salads, and wraps!

Serving size is based on dry weight.

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Customer Reviews

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Dreena McCall
Easy to Prepare

The nuggets were easy to prepare, as we soak them in chicken broth and removed them while still tender. They were easy to chew, and with a mixture of herbs and seasoning, along with cooking them in the chicken broth, even some guests could not tell the difference of them being plant based instead of chicken. The resealable pouch makes the product easy to store. We will buy more of the products from Say Grace in the future.

K. Mitchell
Easy to use

I have used this product for years. It was sold by a different company, but the product has stayed the same. It's vey easy to use and will take on different flavors, depending on what you are cooking.

Love these little devils!

My trainee suggested this brand—all of the different forms are good, but the nuggets are fantastic. We soak them in no-chicken chicken broth, put chicken seasonings on them, then air-fry them. They’re sort of layered on the inside, crispy on the outside. Just the right level of chewiness. Perfect.

When Thebodybuildingvegan needs to eat!

I absolutely love my Say Grace Protein. The macros are incredible and guess what! No animals are harmed in the making. It’s easy enough to make, priced right (use my code to save even more, code: BodybuildingVegan ) and enjoy this daily - I do!!