About Us

The Say Grace name defines who we are …..thankful!

We are grateful for opportunities, even when they are hidden in the challenges of life. 

We are a woman and veteran owned business.Say Grace products provides us the freedom to lend a hand to the less fortunate and those that have hit a bump in the road. Our high protein chemical free soy protein offers an excellent source to the vegan, survivalist, vegetarian or the struggling parents.

We are grateful for you visiting and are confident Say Grace will be a fantastic addition to your table.

Our Quality

All our textured plant protein is Non-GMO Project Verified, Safe Quality Food Certified, recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative, Kosher and Halal certified.

Our Mission

 FEED THE HUNGRY!! We donate over 10% of our profits to assist in feeding those less fortunate. We understand and can relate to struggling to feed our families, there have been times that we the owners of Say Grace have struggled or seen our parents struggle to put food on our families plates. It is a struggle we see way too many people struggling with in todays world. This is not a new problem, but it sure does seem to be getting worse every day.
Our mission is simple, feed the hungry with a clean sustainable protein at an affordable cost to you! We understand our product has a stigma around it, especially to the strictly meat eaters. But we hope to change that, even if it's just based on the price; the price of being able to put a healthy, high-protein, meat alternative on you and your families plates, is priceless!


These center-of-plate plant protein provide's the same eating experience, nutritional profile, and cooking parameters as the animal protein it can replace. Our products are 10-20 times more sustainable than animal protein.