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As you can see to your left, our ingredients are simple! Soy protein. We are joining the plant-forward movement with our all natural, nutritious, NO chemicals, NON-GMO certified, sustainable protein. With just 1 pound of Say Grace delivering 5 pounds of finished plant protein!

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Soy Protein Concentrate


Say Grace is a Soy Protein Concentrate (SPC) not a textured vegetable protein(TVP.) Our 100% plant-based protein derives from the proprietary concentration of the soy bean, down to a fibrous protein. Through this process the water soluble carbs and fats are drawn out leaving behind a 70% protein concentrate.

TVP is the bi-product of the soy bean oil extraction process, the left over product is used to make TVP. With lower protein content than our SPC and also higher levels of carbohydrates and fats.

Our chef-quality meat alternative that mimics the comforting texture of meat, have high level of protein, and a good source of fiber, Iron, and Potassium, with low carbs and zero saturated or trans fats.

Our SPC has one ingredient Soy Protein and is dehydrated into the different forms you see on our site. Shreds, Bits, Nuggets, Filets and more to come. Quickly rehydrate with water or broth and add to your favorite dishes!

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Common Misconceptions


Soy comes from the soy bean plant, which has some negative connotations based on misinformation. The biggest being that too much soy in your diet can cause estrogen to rise in men. We are not going to get into that debate, because we eliminated the "problem!" The debated idea comes from the fact that soy beans have isoflavones, which mimics estrogen and commonly described as phytoestrogen. During our proprietary protein concentration process, we remove the water soluble isoflavones, which eliminates the phytoestrogen from our product. Leaving behind the cleanest concentration of chemical free protein on the market!

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