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Say Grace

3-bag Sample Bundle

3-bag Sample Bundle

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One 6oz bag Shreds of Grace, One 6oz bag Nuggets of Grace, One 6oz bag Bits of Grace. Product comes dehydrated, rehydrate by treating it like noodles and boil them in broth or water. 6oz bag is 30oz after rehydration. 5.6 lbs total after rehydration!

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Customer Reviews

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Vegan Lawyer
Great macros for a bodybuilding cut!

I recently tried Say Grace Nuggets, Shreds, and Bits for the first time. I am really glad I did! Getting nearly 20 grams of plant protein for just 80 calories is amazing, and extremely helpful in bulking up my meals while in a calorie deficit during a bodybuilding weight cut!

Katie Hallberg
Easy way to get protein

I already want to reorder the shreds. I had them with nutritional yeast and vegan breakfast sausage. Also marinara. I like the consistency and texture. I tried the nuggets tonight and they were fantastic. I need to get more creative on how to use them.


10/10 would buy again!!!

Marion Wilson
Great Product

I used the 6 oz bag of Shreds of Grace to make 2 casseroles and “Chicken” Salad. They worked perfect in both recipes. The texture was perfect. I rehydrated them with a powdered chicken bouillon making them very flavorful! Can’t wait to use the other products!

Brenda Banchs
Great protein source

I like it taste and feels fresh, natural and is a great protein source for me! I have season it and air fried the nuggets and they are delicious 😋