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Say Grace

Nuggets and Shreds of Grace

Nuggets and Shreds of Grace

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6oz bag of Nuggets of Grace paired nicely with an 6oz bag of Shreds of Grace! 

Our Nuggets and Shreds of Grace are the same Soy Protein Concentrated product, baked into different shapes. The Shreds are great for fajitas, tacos, and soups! The Nuggets are great as chickless nuggets ready to dip in your favorite BBQ Sauce, or as a boneless chickless wing!



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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Katie Hallberg
Best low car protien

I love using this as a hit dish or “pasta” salad

Tonya Velazquez
Crazy for bits!

First time doing it we wanted to taste it sautéd in veggies, and OMG - So good!!! The bits will also add a great twist to our family chili recipe!

Malin Eringstad

So easy to cook, and brilliant macros! Very helpful now in my cut, I feel satiated and full, and I get my protein in on low calories!!